Carbon Footprint

Can we reduce our
Carbon footprint if we
Just walk tippy-toe,
Gingerly stroll back
To the Garden, where
The knowledge of
Good and evil grew?

Forewarned we knew
The peril as the apple’s
Fatal venom takes hold;
The subject of our indis-
Cretions, transgressions,
Our transportation woes
And greed to name a few.

Subsequently there are no
Do-overs for money lovers,
Legal tender vendors hell-
Bent on cheating the weak,
Naive and old in a land of
Unrestrained dilerium with
Hysteria brimming, leaning,

Careening out of control.

Kenneth Vincent Walker is a "New Formalist" Poet, Spoken Word Artist, Performer, and Author of BORDERLINE ABSURD (An Exercise in Rhyme and Reason), published by Poem Sugar Press 2015. Read other articles by Kenneth Vincent.