10 Questions about Russia, Ukraine and “World War III”

Spoiler alert: You are being lied to

1. Wouldn’t a new “Cold War” simply work wonders for Corporate America and keep that upward transfer of wealth thing going strong?

2. Could it be that the Russian Army is moving so “slowly” because it has no interest in destroying Ukraine but rather in transforming it into an intact puppet state?

3. Did you know that the Ukrainian government broke the Minsk Protocol first by bombing the Donbass region?

4. Did you know there’s such a thing as the Minsk Protocol or Donbass region?5. Are you aware that Ukraine belongs to that list of “major countries with abounding mineral resources” and now that you know, do you still think this is about “democracy” and “sovereignty”?

6. Since Germany signed a huge deal to get natural gas from Russia via the Nord Stream pipeline, do you think it’s possible the U.S. (government and corporations) goaded Putin into an invasion that has led to Germany pulling out of the pipeline deal and thus not getting too cozy with the Russians and being more likely to purchase fracked U.S. gas?

7. Could it be that Ukraine is randomly arming civilians and forcibly conscripting all men because dead Ukrainian civilians make for a great photo op to manipulate ignorant, uninformed Westerners?

8. How hard did you laugh (or cry) when you heard Justin Trudeau speak of Canada’s pledge to “defend democracy”?

9. People should always be outraged by the invasion of any sovereign nation but how “sovereign” and “independent” is a state if it was created by the U.S. overthrow of an elected leader in 2014?

10. Do you actually believe that changing your Facebook profile picture or lighting the Empire State Building in the colors of the Ukrainian flag do anything other than reinforce the propaganda as the powers-that-shouldn’t-be attempt to smoothly transition from fake COVID fear to fake World World III fear?

Keep yer guard up…

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