In the past two years, you gave up so much

For nothing, for NO reason at all

It might have been that big wedding or dream vacation you had planned… but canceled. Perhaps it was your child’s first soccer match or their once-in-a-lifetime prom night. Maybe it was day trips, dances, games, or any number of potentially life-altering extra-curricular activities. Speaking of your kid, they may have lost out on a full-ride college scholarship because, suddenly, playing sports became “dangerous” and you caved in without a fight.

You didn’t get to say hello to a new baby born to a friend or family member. You didn’t get to say goodbye to a sick and/or elderly loved one. Think of all the wonderful hugs and kisses you missed out on. What about the smiles? Countless beautiful smiles — from friends and strangers. These masked smiles could’ve had the power to uplift you, to erase a bad mood. Those smiles would’ve also been essential to every young child’s development but… oops, that learning window has closed.

Some of you lost jobs. Others lost entire businesses that you had dreamt of and worked so hard to maintain. You were deprived of face-to-face friendships, work parties, and more. But hey, to indulge in such behavior would’ve proven you were selfish or (gasp) a Trump voter. That’s partly why you stayed compliant, right? “We’re all in this together” (except for those former friends you blocked and reported on social media).

You dutifully wore masks to enter restaurants and you dutifully asked no questions when you were “allowed” to remove those masks once you were seated. You didn’t utter a word when your child was forced — FORCED — to wear a mask all day at school while celebrities and politicians gallivanted maskless on your news feed. To dissent would reveal your anti-science status. It would mark you as someone who must be segregated — for everyone’s safety, of course.

When someone you know got sick or even died suspiciously close to when they got jabbed, you refused to even entertain the possibility of a correlation (never mind causation). Only those crazy, right-wing anti-vaxxers do things like that. And hey, your reputation is far more important than freedom or autonomy.

I could go on but I’d rather get to the punch line: You gave up SO MUCH… but for what? About what? Two years later, can you honestly answer that question? I mean, the billionaires got way richer. Like, WAY richer. As in: The greatest upward transfer of wealth in human history. All you got was the illusion of believing you were kinda-sorta safe.

Your masks, your jabs, your self-quarantine — they kept you alive, right? They protected you from a terrible global plague. You dodged certain death thanks to those six-foot stickers on the supermarket floor. You kept telling yourself this even as at least half the world ignored the needles and the mitigation tactics. They remained free and also remained healthy. Rather than face facts, you dug in your heels and genuflected at the altar of Fauci.

When will you ask: Did I get anything in return for being such a good little boy or girl? Sure, in the very short term, you got to virtue signal. You gained the approval of those in your hive mind and the talking heads on your multiple screens. They were all so proud of you when you canceled your Spotify account and posted selfies that featured band-aids.

But now, two years later, are you finally starting to wonder if you’ve been nothing more than a gullible mark in a patently transparent scam?

You didn’t get to hug grandma that one last time.

Your kid’s first day at kindergarten took place on a damn computer screen.

Was any of this worth it just to fit in with the “because science” cult? Do you look back now and genuinely see it all as a worthwhile trade-off? Can you finally recognize that the numbers were a lie, the masks and jabs never worked, and the unnecessary lockdowns have shattered tens of millions of lives — especially in the Third World? All of this and more… for what?

Coda: You can never get those two years — and all they could’ve meant — back again. However, you can reject the narrative (and the government and Big Pharma and the social media censorship) right here and right now. You can start saying no and start making up for lost time. You can pledge to never fall prey to such propaganda again. It sucks to admit you were wrong but it’s the only way out of this nightmare. Join us and as Alicen Grey says: Let’s terrorize the world with our smiles…

Mickey Z. is the creator of a podcast called Post-Woke. You can subscribe here. He is also the founder of Helping Homeless Women - NYC, offering direct relief to women on New York City streets. Spread the word. Read other articles by Mickey.