Ballot-boxed in

Who owns the pocket book owns the whole man.

— David Sarnoff, president of the National Broadcasting Corporation, testifying before the Senate Committee on Interstate Commerce, December, 1945.

The American Revolution
was not a social revolution.
The people chose their new
owners, preferring the men
from England’s merchant
class and fellow settlers
to England’s royalty.
Now and then some dream
of becoming truly free, but
believe freedom is achieved
by external means alone.
They do not understand that
freedom, like all things of
lasting value, is a gift from
within, and have not cultivated
inner resources to question how
freedom could be gained by a
ballot box owned and operated
by the man who owns them.

George Salamon notes that the men who advise the leaders in the three great nuclear powers (USA, China, Russia) today think and talk like Henry Kissinger without the German accent. And that is "nicht gut." Read other articles by George.