World War Three

It happened early morning
on the day tanks entered Kiev.

The computers crashed used by
the Russian force, then retaliation:
United States
the world.

No shots fired, all was quiet and still
in the war of the digital worlds when
viruses deleted algorithms.

All the World Wide Web computers died,
Internet vital functions ceased:
utilities services
money transactions
data and clouds
AI technologies.

It happened thereafter,
worldwide suffering and blame:
first bomb in Kiev
then the world,

done after the day the earth stood still
and World War Three would then begin.

Jim Hanson is a retired Senior Researcher at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. He is a sociologist, lay-ordinated Zen Buddhist, and member of the St. Louis Poetry Center and Southern Chapter of the Illinois State Poetry Society. He has posted or published twenty single poems and a chapbook by Flutter Press. Read other articles by Jim.