The hashtag movements have caused riots
Caused pain
Caused action
The world has banned its leaders from speaking
From engaging
From enacting
The celebrities have banded together to promote
To change
To profit
All because no one will stop them

The social media accounts have been locked
Been hacked
Been blocked
The platforms have lost their followers
Their purposes
Their minds
The internet has connected us all to complete strangers
To media personalities
To world problems
All because we are lonely

But after all is said and done
It does more good than bad
And I’ll never leave

Jeff Hill is a moderately reformed frat boy turned writer who left teaching after 10 years to split his time between Nebraska and New York and focus on his writing career. His work has appeared in dozens of publications and his mom has a binder full of copies for any doubters. He is currently pitching his novel Dead Facebook Friends to agents in New York and Los Angeles. Jeff is a graduate student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a regular participant of the Sarah Lawrence College Summer Seminar for Writers, and a past faculty member of the Writer’s Hotel. He can be found on both Twitter and Patreon as jeffhillwriter. Read other articles by Jeff.