Dark Is The Night

Dudes splayed up against row house walls.
In the middle of the cold November night
Stripped, just as they slept, as they were
before the cops ripped them from their beds.

Don’t just harass them, got to humiliate as well
Revolutionaries just the same as unruly slaves,
Strip them naked and whip them raw for show
Their change and justice threaten our status quo.

This was America in 1970, no place for our descent
This was Philadelphia in 1970, Red Squad busts your ass.

The Black Panther Party holding a Peoples Convention
Where the Constitution was born, its rights trashed for them.
Don’t just harass them, by throwing them all in jail,
Drag them before the world with nothing but their manhood.

They aren’t at all like our Founding Fathers who they emulate
Philly’s Mussolini told them that, so crack their heads
Imperial Richard told them that, so shoot them in their beds.
Make an example of them, drag ‘em naked out into the rain.

That was America in 1970, was no place for our descent
We ain’t naked in the street, but we’re naked none the less.

F. Henderson's poetry is drawn from a lifetime on the streets seeking to create the pathways for the oppressed to find their humanity. The struggles, the insights, the hard lessons learned. Anti-social in a world that is anti-human. He has had numerous articles published on American History and the Law and has now added poetry to his arsenal of weapons against this anti-human society we reside in. Read other articles by F..