The Curious Covid Case of Aaron Rodgers: an “Incomplete Pass?”

The contradictions and mixed-messaging around the COVID-19 “pandemic” continue to accumulate and swirl as the “Global Health Emergency” approaches its second anniversary.  For example:  Just as the Phase-3 trials of the Pfizer “Vax” have come under scrutiny for alleged shoddy methodology by its sub-contractor Ventavia in Texas, the partially Big Pharma-funded FDA has unanimously approved COVID jabs for children as young as 5, even though young people are by far the least vulnerable group to the Virus.  Meanwhile, places like highly “vaxxed” Vermont, Gibraltar, and Israel have been experiencing intense COVID spikes of late, whereas relatively restriction-less Florida, a retirement home haven, is doing just fine.  What to make of this confounding data?

On top of everything else, there is the issue of the “miracle vaccines” themselves, which have quite remarkably proven to wane in efficacy within mere months of being administered; perhaps we should refer to them as “Partial Immunity Shots,” instead?  Nevertheless, the incoherent Biden Administration has dubiously double-downed on “Jabbing!” everything in sight.  “Haven’t they heard,” one might reasonably ask,”that tiny, 100% vaccinated Gibraltar is canceling Christmas because of that Grinch, COVID-19?”

Recently, the high-profile celebrity sports action figure Aaron Rodgers reluctantly scrambled into this pandemic fray, causing Mainstream Media pundits to hyperventilate with rabid calls for the star NFL quarterback to be sacked every way to Sunday.  Even the mighty New York Times weighed in with this November 8 headline:  “Scientists Fight a New Source of Vaccine Misinformation:  Aaron Rodgers.”  The “reason” for all of this brouhaha (besides, perhaps, a slow news cycle…)?  Rodgers, 37, had finally tested “positive” for COVID-19.  However, it was then damningly revealed that Mr Rodgers is not, in fact, “vaxxed,” despite his pre-season response that he was “immunized” when asked about his “vaccination” status.  “Oh, the Mendacity!” to quote Burl Ives’ character from the film version of Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

Indeed, the chorus of shrieks and howls from the Sports World intelligentsia over Rodgers’ “immunized” status typifies the irrational state of the Public Discourse surrounding all things COVID in America.  By way of response, Rodgers went on the “Pat MacAfee Show” podcast (November 2) to air his side of the “vaccine” divide.  Rodgers’ “self-defense” there is entirely cagey, cogent, and cerebral, displaying a calm enumeration of reasons to avoid the “vaccines” that is in stark contrast to the hysterical tone of catcalls from his critics.  The star quarterback goes out of his way, in fact, to state that he is not “anti-Vax,” the broad brush with which the pro-Jab set insists upon painting any and all who do not succumb to the siren call of the COVID vaccine campaign.  In effect, then, the backlash against Mr Rodgers itself represents a “misinformation” campaign that badly distorts the field of discourse.

As noted above, the vaccine rollout has been misleading from the start.  This pattern of deception continues to this day, as no official effort is being made to track “breakthrough infections,” which obviously would provide an adequate measure for just how “leaky” the vaccines really are.  Of course, the “breakthrough cases” are being used to sell the inevitable “boosters” which, we are told, will replicate the efficacy of the original shots.  Does this all sound like a feedback loop in an echo chamber? It is worth mentioning here that the fact that the “double-vaxxed” are still catching COVID was already known in late August when Rodgers made his slightly slippery “immunized” remark.  The hard truth of the matter is that no one is “immune” from COVID, apparently, whether fully “vaxxed” or not.

Of special interest in this context is Rodgers’ claim that he is a “critical thinker” and does his own research.  This claim, naturally, is anathema to the technocratic priesthood that has assumed — or been bestowed — the mantle of unassailable authority during the pandemic.  Longtime U$ Health Bureaucracy hack Anthony Fauci has summed up this technocratic priesthood’s mantra most brazenly by asserting that “I represent Science.”  Of course, this patently arrogant assertion completely misrepresents the idea of Science on its face, unless Fauci is understood to be saying that he is an “actor” playing the role of “Science” for dramatic or comedic purposes; or, that “Science” can be reduced to a “cult of personality.”  The irony here is that “critical thinking” is a core, fundamental principle of Science, yet the current COVID orthodoxy has demonized this position to the extent that it questions the prevailing consensus, which itself is an ad hoc, ramshackle affair, as even a cursory glance over the last year and a half of “official” mixed-messaging will easily attest. Rodgers embrace of the principle of “critical thinking,” then, cuts across the bow of such bloviating certitude, by asserting the individual’s right to make up his/her own mind when faced with the whirling kaleidoscope of facts and half-facts that the pandemic presents.

During the “MacAfee” interview, Rodgers took another jab at COVID-regime orthodoxy by stating, quite reasonably, that “Health is not a one-size-fits-all” affair; what, after all, could be a plainer, more common sense, or even bland observation?  Nevertheless, since the beginning of the pandemic, or its “declaration,” U$ Public Health czars have promoted the opposite, and illogical, perspective.  First it was one-lockdown-fits-all, followed by one mask mandate fits-all, and now the vaccine-regime, which has fallen from the lofty heights of a promised panacea to the Real World grind of a kind of immunity-on-the-installment plan.  So much for the best laid plans of “humanized” mice and men…

In the event, Aaron Rodgers quickly recovered from COVID.  As an amusing aside, Rodgers credited his “good friend,” podcaster Joe Rogan, for his sage medical advice.  Rogan himself, of course, caught COVID a while back, and touted a host of remedies for his own speedy recovery.  Rogan’s case went “viral” because he mentioned Ivermectin as one of the therapeutics he used, which caused CNN anchors to wax glowingly self-righteous over the famous podcaster endorsing “horse dewormer,” or “horse paste,” to combat COVID.  Obviously, Rogan was prescribed the human version of Ivermectin, a fact fully known @ CNN, which, however, did not prevent the would-be “News” network from openly — and proudly — lying about the same.  Indeed, CNN in this case stepped way beyond the territory of mere “misinformation” to actively deceive its viewers concerning the medication in question, Ivermectin.  All of which begs the question:  How does CNN still have a license to operate?  “Oh, the Mendacity!”

It may appear a bit odd to highlight the COVID-Media trials of a privileged professional American footballer, given the bigger scheme of things.  Rodgers himself, in his follow-up interview on the “MacAfee” podcast, states that he’s “an athlete, not an activist.”  However, by taking a principled stance against the prevailing COVID orthodoxy, the star quarterback has added a singularly prominent voice to the ranks of Big Media/Tech-suppressed COVID-regime critics.  Moreover, Rodgers’ “self-defense” exposes the false Pro-Vax/Anti-Vax narrative so relentlessly promoted by the Media, a radically oversimplified binary division that purports to pit the goodly Vaccinated against the degenerately Un-Vaxxed, as if we all must be thrust into one or the other of these two artificial camps.

Clearly, as the second anniversary of the Pandemic Reality Regime rolls into view, the implicitly declared “War on the Un-Vaxxed” is well under way.  Many solidly “Vaxxed” and “boostered” citizens of the TransAtlantican+Israel World are firmly behind a COVID-Apartheid regime, denying the “Un-Vaccinated” access to the Public Square, even though many of the “Vaccinated” themselves are now counted as vectors of COVID’s continuing spread.  What irrationality is this?  Well, Corporate Media-sprechen, this is the “New Normal” rationality, and we are told to simply accept the decrees issued by Medievalists in Lab Coats who play “scientists” on TV, even as their interpretations of COVID “Scripture” change with each passing “variant,” or politico-economic crisis, as the case may be.  This is madness, of course, or what CJ Hopkins has adroitly called “pseudo-medical totalitarianism,” and CJ’s in the cross-hairs of the German government going insanely berserk upon the “unclean,” or “Un-Vaxxed,” by February, when it will be considered a crime not to have been injected with a “vaccine” that only provides partial protection against a virus that in all likelihood will not threaten so much as inconvenience your life for a spell.  Fascism 2.0, anyone?

Obviously, one can quite rationally choose to take an mRNA shot, based on the evidence, and the probability of outcomes.  This is not in dispute. What is in dispute is the decision to opt out of this “therapeutic” scenario, and simply follow one’s own best guiding lights, or Reason, on the subject.  The current Pandemic Regime most definitely argues against, and even vilifies, any individual’s attempt to sort out the pros and cons of the situation, and this crazy institutionalized position is furthermore anathema to the free exercise of Reason, the inalienability of which even a proto-Rationalist modern like Rene Descartes would certainly concur.  The extremity of this COVID situation cannot be overstated, including the multi-tentacled Corporate puppet-Government overreach on the subject.  Is this “virus” worth giving up your most fundamental rights to — I don’t know — “Save Humanity?”  Is the “Virus” merely a ruse? From Beijing to Washington DC to Berlin and beyond, including the WEF and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, this is a question, or a directive, that is being hammered about.  Invisible airs, vaporous authorities:  Who will decide the shape of the “New Normal” going forward?

Todd Smith lives, writes, and observes the Brave New World Order in St. Louis. He can be reached at Read other articles by Todd.