The Best Slaves by Far

The illusion of choice  that forms the facade
“democracies”  — as is their self-applauding wont —
                                                 smugly plug and flaunt
must be maintained  irrespective of cost

— the serfs   after all   must never get a glimpse
              of the big lie that lies  behind the big wall
                                          that is   electoral spectacle.

Principally serving   as legitimacy-conferring veneer
adhered to the surface of utterly corrupted governance
elections are employed   as ploys to imply consent;

       as props
       to affirm the fiction  that is the benevolent state;
       as plinths   to underpin  the myth of said state's
       heeding the pleas of its people's pleading voice.

Such being the case   the grand facade that protects
              and projects  the soothing illusion of choice

must   as our most effectively deceptive
rulers  have always known or promptly learned
be reinforced and gussied-up  at each and every turn.

As epitomized  by how they're only too willing
       to unwittingly build their own digital prisons
for something as trivial as increased convenience

              believing they're free   the best slaves by far
              are always the ones who don't know they are
              exactly that:

slaves   who by lavishing frank praise upon their masters
display  their unalloyed ignorance of their virtual captivity
       enamoured as they are  of their mesmerizing captors.

From his lofty perch near the top of the earth, Korvus observes the whirling world of humans, with equal parts wonder, disgust, and amusement. Korvus is the author of the unpublished book "RED PILL POEMS: The Poetry of Empire, Politics and Power" and may be reached at Read other articles by Korvus.