Sunday Morning

Here’s a man just hanging in the light
this Sunday morning on the street
in an army green shirt
and knee length pants
with his feet splayed into a state with no
direction as he stumbles
slightly forward with
an angry shadow for a face
and a growling voice
in his throat quite ready
to uncoil. Catch up, hurry past, don’t
stare. Never look back once
he’s behind. He’s making slow
progress but may
be a danger. Although there’s no space
in his clothes for a gun he’s carrying
his mind concealed.

David Chorlton lived in Vienna for most of the 1970s before moving to Phoenix. It was an exchange of wind and rain for the desert heat and a cultural shift. He has a non-fiction book published this year that tells the story of a 1961 murder near Vienna, for which one of his cousins was wrongly convicted. That is "The Long White Glove," from New Meridian Arts. Read other articles by David.