Resistance on the Territory and Across Turtle Island Continues

Despite the attempts of the BC and Federal government to use a massive show of force, and cruel conditions of imprisonment to intimidate land defenders and stop Wet’suwet’en assertion of their inherent rights and title to their land, the struggle on Wet’suwet’en territory and beyond continues!

Below is a collection of recent updates, photos, videos and ways to take action!


Freda Huson shared a video message on CGL and the RCMP burning down the cabin at Coyote Camp and the long history of arson used against Wet’suwet’en people.

Resistance on the territory continues as two more arrests were made yesterday after a fire was set on the Morice Service Road stopping CGL work.

Sleydo’ gave an interview on Democracy Now this morning detailing the ways RCMP acts on behalf of industry with little accountability or oversight.

The Haida Nation sent a delegation of supporters and supplies to Wet’suwet’en Territory in solidarity with the ongoing struggle.

Gitxsan allies have been maintaining a constant presence at the CN rail tracks which have been heavily patrolled by RCMP since they violently arrested Denzel Wilson Sutherland.

After that arrest Gitxsan Hereditary Chiefs issued an eviction notice to MLA Nathan Cullen who’s office is on their territory.

Solidarity actions continue across turtle island and beyond with powerful actions taking place in nearly every major city in Canada and several Canadian embassy, and investor offices abroad!

There is an action in Vancouver tomorrow at 666 Burrard St at 11:30 AM!

Chief Howihkat (Freda Huson) Speaks out on the ongoing use of arson to remove Wet’suwet’en from their land

Post from Unist’ot’en Camp Facebook:
“Our hearts are with our Gidim’ten neighbors at Gidimt’en Checkpoint following the illegal and immoral destruction of their cabin on unceded Gidim’ten territory. We know all too well the pain of arson on our homes and attempts at displacing our people from our Yintah as a land-grab tactic by Industry and different colonial Canadian government institutions.

Chief Howihkat (Freda Huson) provides context for the long legacy of arson and destroying Unist’ot’en property at various places on our unceded Yintah since her maternal grandfather’s occupation and use of our territory, up to recent experiences by our current Chief Knedebeas.

Despite these efforts to erase our presence and interfere with our ability to live on our lands we remain, we rebuild, and we reclaim forever what is and always will be Wet’suwet’en Yintah.


Freda recently was one of four international recipients of the Right Livelihood award for her work to defend Wet’suwet’en territory and bring healing to her community.

Since the 2020 raids she has been running programs for Wet’suwet’en members out of the Healing Centre on Wet’suwet’en territory.

Update from the ongoing restistance in Gidimt’en Territory posted on Yintah Access Instagram Yesterday

“Early this morning, a fire was set on the road and CGL work was stopped. Another two arrests were made on Gidimt’en territory, for a growing total of 34 arrests in the last several weeks. That makes 36 arrests since Coyote Camp was established on Sept 25th, 2021.”

Despite racist, colonial state repression, Wet’suwet’en law will continue to be upheld. We will never back down.

The Unis’tot’en (C’ihlts’ehkhyu / Big Frog Clan) are the original Wet’suwet’en Yintah Wewat Zenli distinct to the lands of the Wet’suwet’en. Over time in Wet’suwet’en History, the other clans developed and were included throughout Wet’suwet’en Territories. Read other articles by UnistotenCamp, or visit UnistotenCamp's website.