Not the City on a Hill: Year-End Musings

2021 recap: Simone Biles has taught us it’s OK not to be OK.

Los Angeles Times. Dscember 7, 2021

This cannot be the city our founding
fathers sought to build,. a city where
everyone is for no one, where pain
is ground down so no one finds out,
where humanity repeats itself and
no one notices, where musings such
as mine are sidelined and those who
utter them have become progenitors
of nothing while our familiar ways
have gone by the wayside.
The intelligence from the data freaks
make us believe that poverty is good
as silent money extracts its toll from
the people.. So turn off the harsh
light, and we’ll celebrate love in
silence on Silent Night.


George Salamon lives in St.Louis,MO, a shrinking city dreaming of a return to the good old days. Read other articles by George.