How Israel’s Actions Against Iran Are Rooted in Cecil Rhodes’s 1877 Plan

There has been much speculation about why Israel was allowed in 1967 to intentionally bomb the USS Liberty and slaughter 34 American soldiers on that ship which the U.S. Government has covered-up. And there also is much speculation about why, as reported to Congress by the Congressional Research Service on 7 August 2019, “Israel is the largest cumulative recipient of U.S. foreign assistance since World War II. To date, the United States has provided Israel $142.3 billion (current, or noninflation-adjusted, dollars) in bilateral assistance and missile defense funding. Almost all U.S. bilateral aid to Israel is in the form of military assistance.” (That “noninflation-adjusted”  figure might be closer to a trillion dollars in today’s money. For example, a billion dollars in 1971 is worth $6.83 billion today. This means that in 1971, $146.4 billion was worth the same as a trillion dollars is worth in today’s money. So: in today’s money, what U.S. taxpayers have donated to Israel in order for it to pay for U.S. missiles, etc., was almost a trillion dollars, and that’s been a gift to U.S. armaments-firms — to the people who own those firms — for them to sell (and U.S. taxpayers to pay for) to Israel. Nowadays, Americans donate $3.8 billion annually to Israel. $3.3 billion of that is for U.S.-made weapons. Why? It’s to subsidize America’s billionaires. And look at how phenomenally profitable such subsidies have helped to make their investments! In other words: merely by misrepresenting “foreign aid” as if it were something that it overwhelmingly is not (and closer to being the very opposite of “charitable”), the U.S. aristocracy become further-enriched by (and they purchase — with taxpayer-money — the alliance, the backing, from) other nations’ aristocracies (such as Israel’s). Some gang-of-thieves!

75% of Americans approve of Israel. Only 30% approve of the “Palestinian Authority” that  represents the people whom the Israelis conquered. Obviously, America’s ‘news’-media are strongly favorable toward Israel, and portray Israel’s victims in as-negative-a-light as is possible to do — and they portray opposition to Israel as being necessarily ‘anti-Semitic’. Certainly in the Palestinian case, it’s not that — it is against evil (by Israel).

Americans aren’t outraged that their Government donates to Israel’s constant war against Palestinians (to crush them), but instead blame the Palestinians for Israel’s decades-long ethnic-cleansing of Palestinians — it’s ethnic-cleansing to retain Israel’s ‘democracy’ of Jewish rule against Muslims. Americans are imperialists; but, in this particular instance, they are for imperialism by Jews (especially the wealthiest of them) in that land, against Muslims (especially the poorest of them) there, instead of being by Americans against Cubans, or by Americans against Venezuelans, or by Americans against Ukrainians (the normal type of attempted or achieved takeover by America’s billionaires — which group the U.S. Government represents).

The main people among the American public who oppose “foreign aid” are misinformed conservatives, who think it’s stupid idealism; and the main supporters of “foreign aid” among the American public are misinformed liberals, who think it’s a policy to benefit the people in poor countries; but, overall, 49% of Americans say that “U.S. Is Spending Too Much On Foreign Aid,” and only 13% say that the U.S. is spending “too little” on it. Only very few Americans know that foreign aid is mainly to buy U.S. weapons. It is a subsidy to firms such as Lockheed Martin. It is a secret (“off-the-balance-sheet”) addition to America’s ‘defense’-budget. (Even on-budget — or Pentagon — U.S. ‘defense’-spending constitutes 37% of the entire world’s military expenditures.) And that is defense only for the aristocracy of the given recipient-nation, in order to keep them in power so that the U.S. aristocracy can control foreign Governments by getting the misinformed American public to pay for those foreign regimes, which are more like the opposite of charity — it is U.S. imperialism. And those foreign regimes are U.S. vassal-nations. So: though the total American public are buying this ‘aid’, it’s actually for the investors in firms such as General Dynamics. And the owners of those firms are also in control over all of America’s major ‘news’-media, which promote those weapons-sales by pretending that foreign aid is mainly charitable (though perhaps ‘misguided’, not intentionally evil — which it is).

In the case of Israel, the origin of the arrangement goes all the way back to the late 1800s, when the very concept of today’s Israel was merely a dream for some biblically inspired and highly ethnocentric Jews (Zionists).

Here’s how that happened:

In 1871, the well-connected young prospector, Cecil Rhodes (son of an Anglican clergyman), got his start. “In October 1871, 18-year-old Rhodes and his 26-year-old brother Herbert left the colony for the diamond fields of Kimberley in Northern Cape Province. Financed by N M Rothschild & Sons, Rhodes succeeded over the next 17 years in buying up all the smaller diamond mining operations in the Kimberley area.” And then, starting in 1877, Rhodes drew up his will, to create a “secret” organization, for the UK empire to take over (“take back”), by means of subversion, first the U.S. Government, and then (with that force behind it) take control over the entire rest of the world, so that secretly the U.S. would become the chief enforcer, globally, for, actually, England’s aristocracy.

Part of this plan was for an “Israel” to come into existence and serve as the English aristocracy’s enforcer over the entire Middle East.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, as U.S. President just prior to Israel’s formation, opposed the creation of any “Jewish state.” He was as opposed to that as he was to any theocracy, and especially because this one wouldn’t be able to be brought about or function except by means of an ethnic-cleansing in order to make Jews the majority there (if a democracy was intended there) or else the controlling minority (if an outright and clear-cut dictatorship there was the intention there). But, as I shall document fully in my book to be published in 2022, AMERICA’S EVIL EMPIRE, President Truman, who succeeded him on 12 April 1945, soon came entirely under the influence and control of — and surrounded himself by other supporters of — Churchill and other Rhodesists, and this included support for the new state of Israel, though Albert Einstein and many other leading progressive U.S. Jews opposed it, and especially  opposed Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir, who ended up becoming leaders of Israel. Truman and Churchill were Rhodesists, and Judaism was not actually much involved in their advocacy for Israel and against the “natives” or Palestinians; imperialism was involved, and this Israel was to be a part of this Rhodesist empire.

In fact, Truman was the very first world-leader to recognize the Jewish state, on 14 May 1948 — little more than a month after the extermination-phase of the ethnic-cleansing there had already begun. And it kept on coming. David Ben-Gurion privately described to his son on 5 October 1937 the plan for the ethnic-cleansing, but it couldn’t be carried-out until it had the U.S. Government’s support. Truman was key, and he was assisting there — as throughout his international policies — the Rhodesist agenda. This was to be a British operation, fronted by the U.S. Government. They knew what they were doing — that the U.S. Government was fronting for Britain’s Government. And, actually, the forced evacuations of Arabs, and emptying-out of entire Arab towns, was planned to start in, and did start in, December 1947; so, Truman and his British masters had to have known what they were endorsing. And Israel was fronting for them. All subsequent U.S. Presidents were also Rhodesists, except Kennedy, who had been but was abandoning them shortly before he mysteriously became assassinated.

So, here’s additional background for how that is playing-out today:

As everybody knows, Britain had controlled Iran (to extract its oil) before 1953, until Mohammad Mossadegh came to power there by popular acclaim, despite the British attempts to prevent that. And then America’s CIA operated a 1953 coup to remove the progressive Mossadegh and replace him by the Shah, who subsequently became famous for his prisons and their tortures (so that, this time, it would be U.S. oil firms that would be doing the extractions instead — this was acceptable to the Brits because they received a cut; and, furthermore, UK depended now upon America’s military might, so, this was part of their “Special Relationship”). But, then, in 1979, Iranians overthrew their dictatorial Shah, and installed their own Shiite Islamic, socialistic, but largely theocratic (and therefore at least partially dictatorial) Government. It was/is populist, instead of like the U.S.-&-UK-backed Arab Governments, which were (and are) monarchical and totally aristocratic (hereditary) dictatorships. The U.S. regime has, ever since, tried to reconquer Iran. (The monarchical Arab Governments also fear Iran because Iran is — after overthrowing the Shah — populist, anti-monarchical. Therefore, the Arab regimes rely largely upon the U.S. regime in order for them to be able to stay in power.)

Iran, because of its populism, is strongly supportive of the Palestinians. Therefore, it is ideologically at war against Israel — not because of its Judaism, but because of its ethnic-cleansing of fellow-Muslims. Israel — not Judaism — is what Iran is opposed to. Iran, because of Iran’s past long history of being exploited by, first, British, and then American, imperialism, is passionately anti-Rhodesist. Consequently, the U.S. and UK regimes want to destroy Iran — and Israel is their chosen Rhodesist entity that fronts this U.S./UK/Israel operation.

And, therefore, we now have the present situation:

On December 2nd, Israel’s Jewish Chronicle (or “JC”) headlined “EXCLUSIVE: Mossad recruited top Iranian scientists to blow up key nuclear facility: 90 per cent of the plant’s centrifuges were destroyed” in that 2 July 2020 explosion. The same day they also headlined “Israel to hit ‘head of octopus’ in covert attacks on Tehran.” Already on November 29th they had headlined “UK and Israel foreign ministers vow to work ‘night and day’ to stop Iran developing nukes: Liz Truss and Yair Lapid sign agreement to take UK-Israel relations into a ‘bold new era’.” These are Rhodesist operations, just as America’s operations to destroy Iran have been and are. There is no change under Biden. He, too, is Rhodesist, as his predecessors have been.

On December 3rd, the New York Times bannered “Iran Nuclear Talks Head for Collapse Unless Tehran Shifts, Europeans Say: In Vienna talks, the new hard-line Iranian government has staked out positions that are incompatible with the 2015 deal, European negotiators say.” It lied to imply that “the new hard-line Iranian government” was any different in its negotiating position than its predecessor’s, which was: Iran was demanding that the U.S. Government, which had broken the Agreement by cancelling its commitments under it, must first rejoin that Agreement, before Iran would make any concessions that would be in addition to that Agreement; and any such additional concessions by Iran (such as Trump and then Biden were demanding) would then be made ONLY in trade for additional concessions becoming simultaneously made by the U.S. Government. The EU (which essentially had been part of that existing Agreement the U.S. had abandoned) is a Rhodesist vassal entity, and Biden is just as much of a Rhodesist as was Trump before him, and even more than Obama was before Trump. America’s billionaires get the U.S. Presidents that they’ve bought (which is all of them post-1944), but it’s all actually part of the restored UK empire, in accord with Cecil Rhodes’s plan. That is the U.S. Deep State, and the UK Deep State, and the Israeli Deep State. And the Deep State in all of the vassal-nations.

Eric Zuesse is an investigative historian. His new book, America's Empire of Evil: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’ — duping the public. Read other articles by Eric.