Hallelujah Blues for the Next Reset

Poem #6

The Swiss Army Knife of Gene Editing Gets New Control | www.caltech.edu

mothers lactating forever
chems, everlasting everywhere
plague upon all our houses
Homo plastico sapiens
better living through
chemistry, lands
fumigated, fungicides
poured near purring
gatos kids playing
scratch’n’ sniff
phone app magnificent

Seven Myths About Breastfeeding — Debunked and Explained

blue dots floating
in air, magnificent
world, power washed
with Capitalism’s corrosives

children scurried away from
caterpillars, told to stay away
from mice, every corner
a spiked protein pathogen
chubby cheeks pinched
in supplication of jabs
arms exposed for boosters
into space, the GE-sphere

Wings of desire: Why the hobby of Butterfly collecting is over - it's all about conservation now | The Independent | The Independent

promises of receding hair
snipped out in vitro, stories
of new noses like those
Anglo angels of film-lore
clipped in, spliced
blue eyes and six-foot-one
frames, legs for volleyball
tournaments in Gobi desert
double helix freedom

the miracle of genes manipulated
men drought resistant
ovulation, menstruation
turned on/off with 6G
swish of EMFs

One Small Fix Would Curb Stingray Surveillance | WIRED

entire worlds escaping screens
booted into dreams
nightmares for the non-
squeamish, deep dives
Mariana Trench dark
fighting three-headed
20-foot squid
anything spliced in
you wait and see
wishes are your

Scientists may have found a new species of octopus 4 miles below the surface | The Optimist Daily

money buys 300-foot
3D-printed yacht
money gets the sculpted
yeoman’s mate
all the pulverized
growth hormones
mushroom spores
virgin Chinese cum-
soaked goose eggs
money gets it
Hollywood flaunts it
ghetto boys, girls
swaging it

gold-plated smiles
17-bullet clips
diamond encrusted
anything in the reset
anything desired
money has it
trickle down into bombast
music will swill it
books will pronounce it
memes on TikTok will
drill it

Michigan Republican posts photos of his kids with AR-15 semi-automatic rifles, calls them “modern muskets” & “weapons for liberty” | Eclectablog

resetting in a time
of Cholera-Covid-Corona-Chlamydia-Cancer
fear is the commodity
data is the game
every shirking scream
skittish sweating singing
slinking minute captured

the wrist device, reset its
steps-turned-to BP
new devices to monitor
mothers catching
postpartum blues
with handmaids at
the robotic ready
scooping up
CRISPR child

the new Adam
the emerging Eve
an apple a day
keeping the Mac
blue screen low
lo down
this new reset

Saint Irenaeus - The New Adam and the New Eve

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