We shall follow your footsteps…

You knew
If you desired
You could have had
Slept on a ‘bed of roses’…
But you chose a ‘ bed of thorns’!

You knew
Life was going to be difficult
With enemies surrounding
You like swarm of bees
For every opportunity
To sting you any moment!

You knew
That you
Had come here
To participate
In long protracted people’s struggles
And dedicate
Your life …..

You knew
That you have to travel long distances
Traversing rivers, lakes,
Forests, mountains ….

Still you never wavered a bit
Didn’t care your health deteriorate…

Though you succumbed
To the illness that thwarted
Your services
Which were needed
In these hours of need,
Your unfinished goals
Still inspire us …

We shall follow your footsteps
Which left their bloody imprints
All the way
Everywhere you walked and we shall stay
Alert and aware of our enemies
Till we achieve the goals
Set by you …..

The writer is from anywhere and everywhere. Read other articles by Sheshu.