The Good German

For the people of Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Congo, Libya, Syria, etc.

When I was a child
In the second decade after World War II
They showed us films of the bodies
White, naked, with ribs like bars on a sewer grate
The bodies tumbled one over the other
Landing in enormous pits in the ground
Stacking up like kindling wood

I told myself if I’d been there
I’d have tried to stop it
I’d have become a traitor
I’d have helped the enemy
To attack us, bomb us
Do whatever it took to stop us
Even if it meant prison
I would not have been
A Good German

But that was long ago
When I was a child

Roger Stoll lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and has published articles, book reviews and political poetry in Black Agenda Report, Counterpunch, Dissident Voice, Internationalist 360, Jewschool, Marxism-Leninism Today, MintPress News, MRonline, New Verse News, Orinoco Tribune, Popular Resistance, Resumen Latinoamericano, San Francisco Examiner, and ZNet. Read other articles by Roger.