“Diversity,  all hail diversity!
Behold its numberless wonders!”
the social engineers  cried from on high.

       Diversity   with virtually no bounds
       was what they promised the proles
              but as usual the engineers lied.

Their highly hyped vision
of tolerance for all; of rejecting rejection;
       of diversity without limit
                     inclusion without question;

       of unity so complete
       it was guaranteed to lead
       to the heart of togetherness-heaven

was a glorious vision
the naive  were easily led to believe
and the well-informed
were informed they could fully expect

but the strictly superficial  div they got
was not the div they thought they'd get
       nor was it the div or the vision
       they were assured they'd be given

since the div delivered
                     was in all things except
those that matter most:
              thought  speech  belief
                            perspective  opinion.

And ironically  in the end
as often happens with mice and men

the likely most striking results
these performative shortsighted schemes
and their diligent pushers achieved

       were the zealous exclusion
              of every thing and one
                     with whom they disagreed

and disunity on a scale
       Eris herself
       would swear was beyond the pale.
From his lofty perch near the top of the earth, Korvus observes the whirling world of humans, with equal parts wonder, disgust, and amusement. Korvus is the author of the unpublished book "RED PILL POEMS: The Poetry of Empire, Politics and Power" and may be reached at ravenzroost@protonmail.com Read other articles by Korvus.