The Seven Syringes of Covid


Igreja da Fontarcada

The seven syringes of covid
The seven syringes for covid
Syringes of great sorrow
Syringes forever tomorrow

Armed by fraud and battery
Armed by hate and flattery
In chase after us all
In chase after us all

Mothers in this world
defending family and home
magnified our struggle
for liberty and life our own.

Viva Marias da Fonte *
weapons in their hands
Breaking the sinful syringes
held by traitors to our land.

• In April 1846, in the village of Fontesarcada, the Maria da Fonte began a revolt in the Minho region of Northern Portugal. Peasant women rose against a “modernising” government that wanted to take their land and destroy their traditions on the pretext of introducing “health” and “order”.  It took a year for the combined armies of Portugal, France, Spain and Britain to crush this peasant rebellion.  The history books still treat these illiterate subsistence farmers as ignorant and primitive because they did not believe the official story.

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