Falling Figure-Of-Eights Around Your Fragile “Oh Dear” Face

Say “Button Mushrooms” once more, please
… I know I’m laughing hysterically,
I can hardly breathe… but, you’re ‘Adorable’
… and I almost never use that word.
I can ‘Feel You’ when you’re not around
… it’s the craziest thing, our ‘Depths’ mix.
‘Stomach Butterflies’ in unison, that’s just…
yeah, innit, “I wanna eat-you-all-up…
and spit you back out in the exact same shape!”
If I was you I’d want to stay awhile longer too
… besides, the Sun’s about to come out soon,
then I can spoon-feed you emotions…
and whisper ‘Swear Words’ whilst kissing you.

Paul Tristram is a widely published Welsh writer who deals in the Lowlife, Outsider, and Outlaw genres.  He wrote his first poem as a teenager following his release from the (Infamous) Borstal ‘HMP Portland’, and he has been creating Literary Terrorism ever since. Read other articles by Paul, or visit Paul's website.