Rome is Burning

This song goes out to all those people who have gone into action to end state organized racist violence and oppression and all forms of racism.

Rome is Burning Lyrics

The story goes you’re gonna make it if you try,
And if you don’t may your life waste away ‘cause its your fault

Like the sheen of a rotting fish, The glitter just dazzles,
For everyone who’s filthy rich, A million must suffer,
So start your climb up the money tree, The best slaves are those who think they’re free,

Oh say can you see Rome is Burning, Oh how it burns, Oh feel the burn,

As life unfolds people struggle to make ends meet,
Look around, what you see, the hunger, the homeless, the powerless streets

On your mind the need for change, channel your pain and your rage,
Stand up and link your arms for strength, Shout it out to the police state,
I can’t breathe that’s why I take a knee, We won’t take your new form o’slavery,

Oh say can you see Rome is Burning, Oh how it burns, oh feel the burn,
Oh how it burns, Oh feel the burn

Make no mistake, racism starts with the state,
To divide and rule the working class to keep us broken, not building the new

Lessons of history revealed, Organize or be displaced,
The rulers have no solutions, Only violence, wars and jails,
Stick together and fight for your just claims, Workers united will prevail,

Oh say can you see Rome is over, Oh build the New, Oh build the New!
Oh build the New, Oh build the New!, Oh build the new, Oh build the New!

Mistahi Corkill is a carpenter living in Ottawa, Canada. He is also a musician, and in November of 2021 he released his second song Move On with its accompanying video. His debut song/video Rome is Burning was released in March of 2021. Read other articles by Mistahi.