Just beneath the sleek
       virtue-signaling facade
              of smug  cosmopolitan tolerance

just behind  the flimsy tinsel-thin front
              of self-professed objectivity
                            and all-embracing respect

              most make-believe liberals
                                   are keen to project

lurks  a fierce dictatorial streak
              which suddenly goose steps its way
to the fore when they feel the need to police
the sorts of things plain speakers might say


A brilliant system  devised to sterilize speech
              to suck  the very life out of language;
a cunning plot
to narrow the range and regulate the reach
       of both permissible and possible thought;

a frightening  black-or-whitening
ever-tightening noose around nuance;
       a celebration  of linguistic restriction;
              a catalyst  for cognitive corruption
what's PC but a sinister scheme
       to hinder wisdom and stifle discussion?

Censorship  by indirect means;
an ongoing attempt to hamstring dissent;
an odious device  designed to bind and gag
irrefutable  uncomfortable truths;
conceived  to smother unapproved views

the disguised-as-benign leading edge
of newspeak's devious  virulent wedge
       what's PC but a program whose aim
              is to curb or shut down debate
by declaring recalcitrant topics
postures and positions  strictly off-limits;

       by contriving to blindly equate
       certain notions and phrases and words
                     with ill and offensive intentions
       no matter how shrill   illusory or absurd
       the inferred or suggested connections?


A clever  centrally planned measure
to pressure the hoi polloi to self-censor;
a nifty trick to inhibit
the commoner's commonsensical instinct
to agree  to the free exchange of ideas

what is political correctness
              but an onslaught on honesty;
                            an assault on directness;

a pretext for relentless aggression
towards unfettered unfiltered expression;
       an undeclared war on straight talk
              rationality and clarity of thought;
an ingenious invention cooked up to confuse;
a wily ruse   to put sense on the defensive;

       a great gaslighting act
                            to condition the masses
       to place  less weight and faith
                     in the stable light of facts
                                   and solid observation

       than in the fickle  ideological twinkling
       of idiotic theories and wishful thinking?


The insidious suppression
of candor and freedom of speech
              the sugarcoated perfection
              of euphemistic fascism's reach

       fancying itself the zenith
                            of hip sophistication
       the pinnacle  of verbal taste and tact

PC   vis-a-vis the word is in fact
                                          nothing if not
a priggish  unenlightened
                     subconsciously frightened
language-loathing load of humourless rot

whose noxious effluence flows
from the intolerant close-minded confluence
       from the cowardly  tyrannical surge
that occurs where the streams of evasion
       hypocrisy and thought muzzling merge.
From his lofty perch near the top of the earth, Korvus observes the whirling world of humans, with equal parts wonder, disgust, and amusement. Korvus is the author of the unpublished book "RED PILL POEMS: The Poetry of Empire, Politics and Power" and may be reached at ravenzroost@protonmail.com Read other articles by Korvus.