In Solidarity!!

Neo-liberalism, managerialism,
Marketism, Corporatization,
Privatization, no benefits
No unions or safety standards,
Nepotism, skepticism,
Scabs and thugs
No pride
Taken for a ride
Buddy can you spare a paradigm
What’s that?
20 cents
Hunger games
Bread lines
Food banks
Who gives a damn?
Child labor
Not even bat a lash
Remember Bangladesh
Led a stray
Remember Westray mines
Worker’s pride
Taken for a ride
All gone
Voter apathy
Saw to that
Remember not to vote
Go to church and pray
Easier for the elite
To continue taking it all away
Lines have been drawn
Keep a sharp eye on Ferguson
Greedy people prevail
When the needy do nothing
Organize, unionize, super size!!
It is over when we say it is!!
Joe Hill has returned
Our freedom was paid for in blood
We did it before and can once more.
Together, side by side, black and white
Gay or straight, rich or poor,
Not so passive resistance
Will take us the distance!!!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.