Pro Vax and No Vax – the ancient Shock Strategy again succeeded
and the fear of each other
becomes a long river of loath and hatred
springing out of the needle of shame
that rapes humanity’s weak flesh and mind massively and relentlessly

and I wonder, what will become of us,
I can’t see the end of this abysmal hysteria

I can only see the huge scar of a world broken in two
with its splinters perfectly fit into the great political puzzle
molded inside the ideological bowels
of the New World Order

and what will become of all those emotional bonds that were born yesterday and that now shatter and prematurely die under the weight of the Green Pass?

I wonder in which hole on the face of the earth
the seed of love and the common sense have been buried.

Mihaela Melnic lives and writes in Rome, Italy, where her prose and poetry evolve and take different shapes with every new life experience. Her recent work has appeared in various venues including Harbinger Asylum published through Transcendent Zero Press, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Dissident Voice and Impspired magazine. Her debut poetry collection "Change of Seasons" was released in 2018. Her latest work is the book "Evermore" written in co-authorship and released in September 2021 through 17Numa Press. Visit her website for more of her writings. Read other articles by Mihaela.