COVID-1984 Update:  No “Smoking Bat” Yet, But…

… Surely, a possibly purloined pangolin, or other intermediate critter, shall appear to relieve us of any lingering doubts that this malingering pandemic virus, SARS-CoV-2, may have originated in a human, all-too-human, high level Bio-lab?  Of course, as recently as most of last year, the “lab-leak hypothesis” was considered by all manner of High and Mighty expert-idiot Soothsayers to be “debunked,” and without so much as a shred of evidence to support the opposite conclusion, namely:  that this particular novel coronavirus was all-natural, or zoonotic, in origin.  Such was the sad and fictive state of scientific affairs in 2020, when a mysterious consensus of scientistic politicos and their Corporate Media megaphones decided that a “lab-leak origin” story was not only absolutely false, but –“Stop, or at least content moderate, the Presses!” — perniciously so…

Unfortunately for the true-believing zoonotic tribe, we’re all now deep into 2021, and their pet pangolin theory, formerly presumed to be incontrovertible “fact,” is now on the endangered species list, with the prospects of a scaly anteater “hosting” bat-to-human COVID transmission having dwindled to the infinitesimal on the probability scale.  The “zoonotic narrative” has fallen so far that even Big Pharma’s feisty little lap dog, Friar Fauci, has been forced to publicly acknowledge the possibility that the virus could have been human-engineered after being lightly grilled on the subject by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (See: “Weasel vs Weasel,” May 11, 2021, also known as the Senate Hearing of the “Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions” Committee).

The May 11 Senator Paul-Saint Fauci exchange also featured this “flame-broiled whopper” from the Big Media-worshipped witch doctor, Anthony Fauci:  “I don’t favor gain-of-function research.”  Perhaps Dr Fauci has a split personality, or is merely a pathological liar, but he’s entirely on record as being the foremost promoter of gain-of-function studies in America, if not the World, during the last decade. On December 30, 2011, the Washington Post published an op-ed by the truth-deficient Fauci provocatively entitled:  “A Flu Virus Risk Worth Taking.”  In it, the authors (including then-and-current NIH Director Francis Collins and revolving-door pharmaceuticalist Gary Nabel) wrote the following:  “This laboratory virus does not exist in nature.  There is, however, considerable concern that such a virus could evolve naturally…Important information and insights can come from generating a potentially dangerous virus in the laboratory.”  Although the precise term “gain-of-function” is not used in the text of this WaPo op-ed, that is exactly the kind of experimentation for which Fauci and Friends were advocating in that piece.

In the course of this writing, there has been another notable dust-up between Rand Paul and Anthony Fauci on the Senate Floor.  During this testy July 20 “showdown,” the visibly shifty-eyed Fauci is possibly even more defensive than his May 11 performance, and goes on to flat-out deny that the definition of gain-of-function research, in fact, defines what gain-of-function research is.  Perhaps Witch Doctor Fauci was having a “Bill Clinton” moment here, and whatever the meaning of “is” is was pinging all over what’s left of his brain, so “Tony” started jazz-handing and finger-pointing like he thought Andy Cuomo or Brother Bill Gates was gonna give this Holy Cross grad an Emmy or somethin’…If nothing else, Fauci’s idiotic display of sophistry would have gotten him kicked out of the Ancient Greek “Protagoras School for Aspiring Liars”; that a pompous political thespian like Rand Paul plays the role of Socrates here is almost equally ridiculous.

However, beyond the Corporate political theater that “Inside the Beltway!” provides, some important questions arise from this line of inquiry.  For example, any mention of a “lab-leak origin” for COVID-1984 would have gotten a Major Social Media user de-platformed last year, a fact of Pandemic censorship which raises the question:  What is so compelling about that laboratory origin story that it was “raised from the Dead” in 2021?  Merely the fact that no squirrelly-acting pet pangolin has been caught on a CCTV camera yet?  What if we got a Commission together to “water-board” Peter Daszak of the EcoHealth Alliance, Fauci’s middleman partner-in-crime on the Siberian–or Fort Detrick–Wuhan Express; would Daszak be able, under a bit of “enhanced interrogation,” to gurgle something of interest about the current “Flu Virus Risk Worth Taking”?  (By the way, no human being or other animal should ever be “water-boarded” under any circumstance; but, on a related note:  if one were to throw the Nuremburg Code at either Fauci or Daszak, the guess here is that it would stick…)

And so the COVID “narrative” keeps shifting, as it desperately tries to keep its vanishing viral life alive.  One of the ways this insidious Virus is maintaining its Brave New World Order status is summed up in this New York Times article recently published on-line (July 26) by Yahoo! News, titled:  “The Delta Variant is the Symptom of a Bigger Threat:  Vaccine Refusal.”  One does not need to be an accredited virologist, immunologist, or evolutionary biologist to parse this headline, whose by-line is accredited to a suspiciously certain, all-too-certain, stenographer for the COVID-crisis named Apoorva Mondavilli.  Among many others, Mondavilli’s propaganda puff-piece includes this dull gem:  “The unvaccinated will set the country on fire again and again.”  Holy Cassandra, but this article was apparently judged by an NYT editor to be “news,” and not merely an opinion or promotional piece, which it clearly is.  Ironically, as data from the “vaccinated” camp begins to emerge, it appears that the “vaccinated” can not only get infected by COVID, but also transmit the beastly little bug, although the rabid mRNA-shot pushers now insist that their voodoo jabs significantly reduce the severity of infection (speaking of shifting the COVID “vax” party line!).

The obvious inference here is that the “vaccinated,” too, “will set the country on fire again and again” — just maybe in a more controlled burn kind of way.  In this context, there is also ample room to speculate that these miraculous COVID “vaccines” are more akin to novelty therapeutics than cures, which goes a long way to explain why known anti-viral agents like hydroxychloriquine and Ivermectin have been so loudly vilified by the Pfizer-shilling crowd: “Hey, they just want their unfair Market share!” — has this bat been smoked out “of the belfry” yet?  Another way to state that question:  Has anyone at the CDC heard of Vitamin C?  Vitamin D?  Magnesium or zinc?

If nothing else, this entire “COVID-19” episode — which is threatening to become an Absolute Franchise — has demonstrated that a certain manifest idiocy — now doddering into senility with JR Biden’s regime — rules the top of the post-industrial food-and-vaccination chain in the Western world.  These guys, and gals, or guy-gals (gargoyles?), as the cases may be, amidst the blurring of all possible shapes, contours, and lines, are druggedly Captaining an all-too-sinking Ship. “The only pandemic is among the Unvaccinated…They’re killing people” was a recent Joe Bidenism, as this un-Stately stick-figure of a United States President was drifting off to a nearby helicopter to whisk him away from the Public that he’s completely out-of-touch with…One wonders:  “Hey Joe, where you goin’ with that drone in your hand…?”  He doesn’t know, and neither did Trump, while Obama had a hunch, but preferred to remain aloof, and let the Boys and Girls down at the Death Star and CIA decide the dirty drone work (meanwhile, W’s still Painting Cats, only these days with Hunter Biden as his apprenticed accomplice…).  Of course, the “Build Back Better” Biden’s also got a syringe in his hand, just dripping with the new pharmaceutical goo, so “Why don’t you just get the jab, man!”  Thankfully, the door-to-door Bible-Vaccine-Salesman approach to getting everyone “Vaxxed Up!” was scrapped as quickly as ersatz “scrappy” Joe proposed it, as if Biden were the second coming of Donald “Trial Balloon” Trump.  These “salesman” Presidents are really too much, but they all kind of morph together when one thinks about it…

But surely, there’s a squirrelly-acting purloined pangolin possibly scurrying around somewhere with a “Delta Plus” varmint-variant that’s certain to beat the Brand Praying On if we don’t get that “Basket of Deplorables”– excuse me, as I also mean Mitt Romney’s “47%,” and we’re all about “inclusion” in these pages –“vaccinated” before even worse spin-offs of the original and wildly (or Bio-Lab-leakedly…) popular COVID-19 Virus Show vanish into the hollow thin graveyard air of all other previously known pandemic pathogens?  Where is the formerly catastrophic 1918-19 H1N1 influenza virus now:  Doing a poorly attended reunion tour in Elderly Care Homes around the planet?  Is the “We still think we’re the Ruling Class” puppeteering Emmanuel Macron as the lead-minion for their distorted vision of the “Future,” whilst simultaneously propping up a zombie-like Joe Biden as his TransAtlantic partner-in-Crime?

The other shift to emphasize in this “Trickster Virus” update is to note that while originally we were supposed to be all worried about “Granny,” now the clear focus of this weird propaganda campaign about “a virus” is all about the “Young.”  In case this shift of emphasis has been missed, the COVID-Apps’ emphasis is all about keeping the “youngsters” masked at all times, and especially in “schools,” where nothing of historical relevance is taught, per usual;  yet, the youngest amongst us must be indoctrinated into the current “Religion of Science” now prevailing, based primarily upon the mandates of democratically elected Fascists who decree — willy-nilly — what “Science” is.  Of course, the “kids” will still be forced to read Eric Blair-well’s 1984 against their wills, but that’s kind of what “Education,” or “Indoctrination Science,” is for.  “Ignorance is Knowledge”:  Who can reasonably dispute such platitudes?  Certainly not the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is scratching its bonkers bat head wondering why Fort Detrick ain’t getting the same scrutiny — just speaking of “Science?”

As “spades” are sometimes “diamonds” or “clubs in the rough,” and the “Jack of Hearts” is all out-to-lunch, let’s just say that no one knows very much about COVID-19, including its “origin story,” which seems about as Hobby-Horsefull-of-Shit as Laurence Sterne’s Tristram Shandy.  Anthony Fauci’s out there jazz-handing about this or that about masks or double-masks or whatev-uh; so what?  The truth is the health of your community before “Whatever” came to town, where you live.  Fascism is rearing its completely un-Dead Head wherever you are, and COVID-19 appears to be, its “passport” into your place, where you exist, and:  Isn’t it high time to kick these Fascists out into Space, where “Space” doesn’t necessarily want Them, meaning the Fascists, but at least we get their Fascist Asses off of this Globe — and, perhaps, the Sun will take them in?  Wouldn’t that be a form of Justice, and maybe we could re-assume the task of tending to the Earth like every other animal upon it?  Seriously:  Do I need to bring Jonathan Swift into this?

Todd Smith lives, writes, and observes the Brave New World Order in St. Louis. He can be reached at Read other articles by Todd.