Those Oh-So-Agreeable Algorithms

Just before leaving the socialist U.S. to settle in a “truly freedom-loving” country (Brazil), Patrick R. Henry, formerly of Las Vegas, Nevada, posted this final message on his blog:

I’ve had it — as you already know.  For — how long has it been? — decades, I’ve been trying to alert folks to the ever-tightening grip of that multi-tentacled Octopus otherwise known as Big Government.  Bureaucracy upon bureaucracy: the Social Security behemoth, “Affordable Care,” and even, get this, a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (as in “bureau-cracy”!).  Talk about epidemics! — a spreading cancer of Government, swallowing and absorbing all our precious ways-of-life.

Now I’m not talkin’ about the CIA and all those other (17?) intelligence bureaus. They’re always there for us, on the job, safeguarding us from all the “bad dudes” and “evildoers” out there.  Because, make no mistake, evil does exist.  So it goes without saying that they have to do some “extraordinary” stuff: detentions — ”protective custody,” I call it! — as well as hacking Dianne Feinstein and her ilk, and, yes, torturing “some folks,” folks who would otherwise torture us!

You know, I had to take one of those personality tests at work.  We all had to — supposedly to see if a “better fit” could be made between each of us and the boss.  Well, you know what the psychologist told me?  That I was, quote, “highly credulous and moderately paranoid”!  The nerve of the guy (or was it gal — hard to tell these days, haha)!  Just goes to show how little these quacks really know about human nature.  I’m actually quite skeptical at heart.  If, for instance, that Dr. Fauci claims something, I can spot his angle right away — serving his masters at Big Pharma.  Or if, say, some “civil liberties” professor claims that assault weapons are not what the beloved Founders had in mind, I say to him: go to hell!

As for “paranoid” — sure, I’m a bit suspicious: always on the look-out for “mis-information” and socialist propaganda.  What’s wrong with that?  You gotta be these days, what with the trillions — and — trillions of dollars being drained from our lifeblood.  To “rebuild the Infrastructure”?  Sure (what’s wrong with it!).  Something tells me that those Bilderberg and Bohemian Retreat “gentlemen” have other plans in mind.  And what about Bill Gates, nanotechnology, and vaccines.  But don’t get me started on that!

Credulous — my ass.  In fact, I only gradually come to believe in something if — and that’s a big if — the evidence keeps turning up!  I’ll give you an example.  I’d already suspected that this COVID thing is at least partly a hoax — only partly, I say, because the virus, or something of the sort, seems to exist — but it’s really a chicken-and-egg situation, don’t you see? (Or maybe, putting the cart before the horse!)  The virus exists, all right, but only to serve as a rationale for vaccinating the hell out of all of us!  Why, you ask?

Good question, the classic skeptic’s question.  I’ll tell you why. To inject microchips with tiny radio transmitters encoded — so that the Government can instantly, at any moment, find you, track you, and apprehend you.  The (formerly!) freedom-loving American people would never voluntarily submit to such a thing.  Far-fetched, you say?  Why, then, does the Government bother to record and store away all our messages — probably more expensive, and less useful, than just radio-tagging all of us for constant observation!

Still, I have to admit it: skeptic that I am, I had to do some more research.  Through Facebook, of course — they’re a great “platform” for getting hold of just exactly the information you already know you’re looking for.  From one website I found myself directed to dozens of others, all with almost exactly the same theoretical explanation.  Talk about multi-sourced, independent corroboration and confirmation!  (And don’t tell me about algorithms ‘cause I’m not interested — just not relevant to the pressing issue at hand!)

So, my advice, good friends?  Look around for a good hypothesis — about covert plans, hidden agendas, all that kind of stuff.  But, be like me — don’t be credulous!  Instead, wait for all the corroborative stories and info-blogs to come pouring in.  In scientific research, that’s called verification.  You’re gonna be real surprised, as I was, by how much confirming sources will turn up, helping to strengthen your pre-existing hunch (aka suspicion).  And all thanks to those great data-people at Facebook.  What would we do without them?

Intellectual historian and psychoanalytic anthropologist, William Manson (Ph.D., Columbia) has published numerous scholarly books and papers, and is a longtime contributor to Dissident Voice. Read other articles by William.