The Rope

I scrambled up the rope that dangled
from a hole in the clouds
and reached a place beyond thinking
in the brain and centre of all things
of where It All Begins

and saw
a world like any other
with broken things, broken systems
and broken people
people damaged by things broken

A country like any other
with broken roads, broken boundaries
and people’s fears that needed fixing
With the rich who rushed past the
homeless under bridges
With people suffering from
neglect, anger, hunger and cancer

and such loneliness

A country like any other
Yet a trend-setter
A manufacturer of labels
even to denote things that didn’t matter
Projecting its trends across the Atlantic
the Pacific, causing waves of change

to change us, to
make it better

to no avail

Sabah Carrim has authored two novels, namely Humeirah and Semi-Apes, both set in Mauritius where she was born. Her shorter work has been shortlisted in various competitions such as the Bristol Short Story Prize and the Gabriele Rico Challenge for Creative Nonfiction, among others. Sabah has a PhD in Genocide Studies and is currently recipient of the W. Morgan and Lou Claire Rose Scholarship for a MFA in Creative Writing in Texas State University. Read other articles by Sabah.