Integration and Other Silly Dreams

A Burning house
smells like glory,
like jazz music
on a bright Sunday
I see tomorrow
differently from the people
that want to simply belong,
sing, stand, or salute.
I belong to a higher order,
a frequency that climbs
for clarity, while a broken
system thrives
on blood,
and children
with low self-esteem.
Some smiles hide conditions
and others: beautiful songs of revenge.
I reason with solutions
to the season—the illness—
wondering when anthems,
creeds, and flags
will make sense.

Synnika Alek-Chizoba Lofton is an award-winning performance poet, educator, and recording artist. He is the author of 17 books and more than 170 spoken word albums, Eps, singles, and digital downloads. Lofton teaches literature at Chesapeake Bay Academy and Composition and Public Speaking at Norfolk State University. Read other articles by Synnika Alek-Chizoba.