Floating boats on the horizon
captured by eagle eyes
hooked by iron wires
shot at by men with guns
from shores that boast
in every footprint
or particle of sweat.

Boats full of homes
pride with peace
dignity desecrated
lack of air and water
flags of hope that flutter…

But in the deep sea
the salt shrinks their lips
and sticks to their wounds
depriving them of fluids
as the sun is laughing
and the sons are crying
in the pouring rain
as the cold ices their brains.

Many are now dead.
Some jumped off, some just slipped
and plenty have been pushed.

But some of them will make it
to whatsoever is promised.
They’ll lie on the concrete
tired, dirty, sad
with air in their guts
and hunger in their mouths.

You still can say a prayer
but of beasts be wary:
they wait with sharp claws
wielding fire guns
yelling in foreign tongues
caging those alive
returning the remnants
burying their consciousness
preserving the ignorance.

Mihaela Melnic lives and writes in Rome, Italy, where her prose and poetry evolve and take different shapes with every new life experience. Her recent work has appeared in various venues including Harbinger Asylum published through Transcendent Zero Press, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Dissident Voice and Impspired magazine. Her debut poetry collection "Change of Seasons" was released in 2018. Her latest work is the book "Evermore" written in co-authorship and released in September 2021 through 17Numa Press. Visit her website for more of her writings. Read other articles by Mihaela.