Almost a Storm

(Water color by David Chorlton)

A hummingbird clings to the edge of a storm.
The mountains rumble and
clouds above them gather in a steamy bouquet.
Dust has swallowed sunlight
and the thermometer trembles before a fall.
A raindrop, having waited since March
for its moment, slaps
the backyard concrete hard. A startled
rabbit on the grass lifts his eyes
to the grey scent rolling
through and listens with the tips
to the hairs on his coat. But it’s another
false alarm: the sky
shades pink. And the rats come out
at sundown with their ampersand tails
and question mark noses, climbing last light
to be close to the stars.

David Chorlton lives in desert country (Phoenix, Arizona) but has deep feelings for the rainforest and Costa Rica. That country's dedication to wildlife has been a fine example in the interests of conservation and David's visits with his wife took them to several of the areas important in the preservation of species. And he likes a country with no standing army too! Read other articles by David.