The sky azure is transformed; masked, distanced, hushed
it feels like a faraway place, a half-forgotten memory
into the time zone.

Days are mundane, full of daily rituals
filter into rooms,
it smells- over-boiled coffee, fabrics
stranger’s perfume- short stay, short smile, short humour.

The low hum of conversations trails rusted words
along the road’s long stretch, and the whirring ceiling fan
is always curious to defeat silence.

It is the realm of confinement, of surreal portrayal
within the rustle of thin yet recurring episodes
rolling like sheets of paper.

The images fill up the solitude with repeat marks and scratches.

Gopal Lahiri is a bilingual poet, critic, editor, writer and translator. He is the author of 22 books published including fourteen volumes of poems in English (includes four edited/ jointly anthology of poems) and eight volumes of poems and prose in Bengali, His poems, translations and book reviews have been published across various journals (includes Indian Literature) worldwide. He has recently edited the book titled ‘Jaillianwala Bagh- Poetic Tributes’. He has attended various poetry festivals in India and abroad. His poems are translated in 10 languages. Read other articles by Gopal.