Regime Change: Joe Biden and the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”

Vanderbiltson Cooper of the Cartoon News Network will not accurately report this, but the Biden administration recently moved the “Exit from Afghanistan” goalposts.  Again.  Despite inheriting a Trump era agreement signed in late February of 2020 for full U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan by May 1, 2021, the Biden folks have decided to push the “pullout” back to September 11.  Well, what’s a few more months after nearly 2 decades?

The obsequious Corporate press that ushered in the Biden regime with wildly fawning fanfare, of course, have used the occasion to heap even further praise upon the brilliant Biden, not least because his decision — or, more likely, the Pentagon’s — to postpone overturns a specific “accomplishment” of his “deplorable” predecessor, the much and fashionably maligned Donald Trump.  This change of exit date also turns the trick of recasting the pullout as a Biden, not a Trump, success — to the extent that we can stretch the language so far as to frame a 20-year failure as a “success.”  Although we don’t know if the Bidenites will actually honor this revised departure date when it arrives ever so symbolically on September the 11th ( and to be fair, we’ll never know if a second Trump regime would have stuck to the agreed upon May 1 date:  the Generals kind of made a habit of overruling Trump…), we can also observe a similar sleight-of-hand with the much-celebrated “vaccine” rollout.

For anyone jumping for joy about their “jab,” it seems quite clear that “Operation Warp Speed,” a Trump regime initiative, is the direct cause of their jabby joy.  In other words:  no “Warp Speed, no shot.”  Somehow, CNN’s Don “Cry-me-a Lemon”, for example, totally misses this obvious fact, like Lemon only sees the elephant’s ass in the room to the exclusion of the rest of the “Nothing else to see here, folks!” behemoth.  So, if you’re “vaccinated” and proud of it, by all means feel free to thank old McDonald Trump.  As a sidebar:  It’s kind of doubly ironic that your most typical “anti-vaxxer” is probably a MAGA-hat wearing Trump supporter, which is only further proof — if such were needed — that Trump was a jack of all asses; he deserves at least that much discredit, the bloviating imbecile and, of course, “very stable genius!”

Now, this Biden feller’s an ass of a more traditionally political cut.  Scrappy Joe’s got an agenda, and if Trump was the appetizer — “Would you like to begin your most recent democratish culinary experience with a trumppetizer?  It’s rather a weird tasting tease, and I don’t recommend it” — then Jabby Joe’s the Main Course (“Sorry, but I can’t recommend this selection, either…”).  It’s really the same menu, only we are presently transitioning from a “well-done” cattle-based steak to an even more well-aged steak “done-blue” composed of GMO-certified plant proteins.  The hip new trending restaurant of the near future might be called “McMonsanto,” with a catchy slogan like “Round’em up!  simply sizzling…”  That being said, it seems that the faux-anti-Globalist Trump was installed in the White House (“Government cheese, anyone?”) to set the table, so to speak, for the uber-neo-Liberal Biden agenda, with its “Great Reset” mandate to “Warp Speed Ahead!”

Are we in the funhouse yet?  Not quite, perhaps, but we’re definitely getting closer…

Several months ago, on March 25, Joe “Crime Bill” Biden finally gave his first “presser”; anyone holding their breath for this precious formality would have no doubt passed out for lack of oxygen.  In the modern media era, it took Biden an extraordinarily long time to “meet the Press.”  The event itself was as awkward as it was scripted.  I watched this snooze-fest courtesy of the Useful Idiots podcast, hosted by Katie Halper and Matt Taibbi, who had arranged a “drinking game” around the most likely cliches Biden would mutter.  It is worth noting that this first official President Biden “presser” was staged during the afternoon, suggesting that our oldest president’s handlers had aptly calculated that a “prime time” conference would have been a ratings flop, despite the apparent 2020 election fact that 20 million more Americans had voted for Joe than for any previous presidential candidate.  What were the odds?

But, the real “kicker” came late in the game, when the “Build Back Better” Biden folksily asserted that we’re all going through a “Fourth Industrial Revolution.”  My best guess is that this concept-phrase must have appeared in Biden’s notes, which he spent much of the “pressing” hour looking down at.

As many know, the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” has been a standard talking point of the World Economic Forum, based in Switzerland, for several years now.  Klaus Schwab, the WEF’s founder (founded in 1971), first broadcast this phrase, an ideology, in a Foreign Affairs article in 2015.  Turning the calendar to a tumultuous American presidential election year, the January 2016 Davos Summit (or annual meeting of the WEF in-crowd and guests at a Swiss alpine resort) was entitled, perhaps a bit tone-deafly, “Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”  Hmmm.  “Mastering, mastering, mastering…”:  Does anything come to mind when repeating this strategically strange term?  A “master race,” perhaps?  As strictly a thought experiment, allow me to substitute the term “Reich” for “Industrial Revolution” in the formulation “Fourth Industrial Revolution”; is that resultant really possible here, in America?

“Make America Great Reset Again”:  Has that been the now not-so-hidden agenda of the Biden regime all along?  Put another way:  Why is a sitting United States president speaking a foreign think tank’s talking points as if they were Gospel at a press conference that even his enablers thought might be a disaster?  Is Joe Biden himself, perhaps, a “Master Racer?”  That’s a tricky one to answer, as Joe did speak once on the campaign trail — and quite highly — of his “golden leg hairs” in the context of “Corn-Pop,” who “was a bad dude,” presumably on the basis of his darker skin pigmentation, to which an en-Whitened “Life Guard” Joe took no small offense…

Foreign influence — or is that furin cleavage? — dominated the airwaves during Trump’s less-than-illustrious tenure in Office.  Xenophobia ruled, although most of its promoters –Corporate Media, intelligence agencies, and other educated elites — either unconsciously or willfully projected their own fears of foreigners (especially “the Russians”) on to the convenient figure of Trump, who is a certified xenophobe in his own right, ironically enough.  It is doubly ironic, then, that based upon his own few words whilst in Office, Mr Biden is doing PR work for a “foreign power,” appearing very much to be Herr Schwab’s man — “C’mon, Puppet, man!” — on the job at the old White House.

It remains to be seen how far the Biden administration will be able to advance this “Fourth Industrial Revolution” agenda.  The World Economic Forum itself is a clumsy enough entity, as evidenced by its knucklehead slogan that by 2030 “You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy,” which takes tone-deaf to a truly ridiculous decibel level, which is to say:  Is this a prediction, a command, or both?  Whatever the case, how it unfolds, Vanderbiltson Cooper of the Cartoon News Network will not accurately report…

Todd Smith lives, writes, and observes the Brave New World Order in St. Louis. He can be reached at Read other articles by Todd.