Philosophy of a new-birthed esthetician/aesthetician

a poem for a daughter, for her graduation 

the Qigong is structural
epidermal, electromagnetic hairs
the flow of laughter, fear
muscles in chin, cheeks, flowing
like frozen waterfall
downward from eyes
forehead like a horizon
furrows of time, planting
all emotions, bubbling up
from belly

you massage souls
window to the world
faces, facing a world
in freefall, those nostalgic
bright youthful days
like fossilized feelings
you pull negative shadows
from temples

the skull is acupuncture’s
globe, you touch
but bring Cleopatra
skin and color
magic of makeover
they will come
for your hands, light
fingertips, words, empath
maybe crystals on a shelf
photos of ferns
the beeswax
candles flicker
holding each person’s
hopes … gravity
hasn’t etched too

you are intermediary
holding their child
inner, fetal position they
seek, but you lay on compresses
hot stones, cold rods
anything for them
to rejoice in an hour
finding their own
beauty in the masks
we all put on
for the war of civilization



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