Lives, Fortunes, and Sacred Honor

And now, the sun
burns with a glistening halo, tendrils, webs of light
reflecting the crystalline nature of life
itself… in the buzz
more primal than an echo, the Word
sent from source
pure encoding, deeply embedded, everlasting

I will feast with the appetite of a lion
on love, truth, and fire

but I am not a Jain
and so I would slaughter
all the roaches and mosquitoes
that seek a pound of flesh

Spent years digesting the poisons of their system
to grow immune to inoculations of the beast
and the Satanic pull of the world’s parasites

then brainwashed myself into alignment
with the vibration of Holy Spirit
while avoiding like a plague
the mass hysteria of a wayward cult
that has been led askew in wanton darkness
to the deceptions of decadent nihilism

And now, the voice
of awakening and enlightenment
purges the influence of eugenicists’ schemes
and the propaganda they spew so thick
it would cause any tyrant to lick their lips
with envy and lust.


Scott Thomas Outlar is a lover of truth and enjoys researching philosophy, psychology, politics, spirituality, and any other facet of consciousness in the pursuit of reaching a higher state of vibration. He also enjoys writing rants, poems, essays, short stories, and prose-fusion screeds covering such subjects. Scott Thomas can be reached at You can also watch and/or subscribe to his YouTube Channel Read other articles by Scott Thomas, or visit Scott Thomas's website.