Postmortem to the Derek Chauvin Trial

(and his conviction for murder)

George Floyd had much more currency
than the fake that cost him his life.
Had Derek shown more clemency,
he’d be at home now with his wife!
All he had to do was get up
off his arrestee and stretch out
standing to quash the bitter cup
that fate fixed for him. But he’d flout
entreaties to remove the weight
imposed upon his prisoner.
He simply had to abdicate
his pride to heed, as listener,
the witnesses who urged him to
start acting like a caring cop.
He smugly wouldn’t follow through
petitions urging him to stop
the pressure he was putting on
the neck of Georg Floyd – prone and cuffed.
As such, he crossed the Rubicon
whence, both their lives were brusquely snuffed.
The felon brooks a living death,
while Floyd lives on our every breath.

Frank De Canio was born and bred in New Jersey and worked for many years in New York City. He loves music from Bach to Shakira to Amy Winehouse. Frank also attends a Café Philo in Lower Manhattan every other week, and a poetry workshop which are now, since Corona, ZOOM events. Read other articles by Frank.