Placebo Politics

“What Is to Be Done?”
Lenin asked in 1902
and designed the plan
for a Bolshevist Russia.
The question has been
shelved in the USA, now
that good Biden has taken
over for evil Trump, our
liberal and progressive
leaders shout outrage
and support protest for
the skirmishes in our
endless cultural warfare,
but promote no program
for the fundamental change
the president spurns and
voters are unprepared
to understand or embrace.
We are left shouting old
slogans, marching along
old routes that lead not to
the topsy-turvyfication of
the political system and
the social order, merely to
perceived sour notes in
the two-party oligarchy’s
favorite song of Same Old
Is Good Enough for Me,
forgetting that in politics, as
in love, “fundamental things
apply.” ((From that great tune “As Time Goes By”, by Dooly Wilson and featured in the movie “Casablanc” (1942).))

George Salamon lives in St. Louis, MO, where he did not grow up. Read other articles by George.