Backyard Refugee

Drawing by Lyla Loomis

Matted fur
Shredded ear
The wary look
Of managed fear

Daring nonetheless

Under fence
Into the yard
Feral and furtive
Always on guard

Hungry nonetheless

Bastard kit
Of bastard cat
Pulled from wild
Pushed from lap

Yearning nonetheless

One way forward
No way back
Guilt of living
Slip through cracks

Existing nonetheless

Gaze at window
Thousand-yard stare
Almost memory
Almost aware

Forgotten nonetheless

Everything moving
Meal or a threat
Eat or be eaten
Good as it gets

Further nonetheless

Next yard calling
Promise and peril
Crapshoot chance
Furtive and feral

The hunger never ends

• Lyla Loomis is Vern’s 16 year old daughter.

Vern Loomis lives in the Detroit area and occasionally likes to comment on news and events that interest him in whatever capacity available. Read other articles by Vern.