Angelenos Protest against Israel’s Gaza Massacre

Saturday’s Los Angeles protest against Israel’s ongoing massacre in Gaza got off to a great start, as when I got on the ramp to the 405 I saw about a dozen cars and trucks with the brothers and sisters hanging out windows and standing up through sun roofs with Palestinian flags flying.

With helicopters and drones overhead and an army base nearby, there was a heavy police presence. This little resister was my favorite photo of the day:

Jared Kushner and Donald Trump thought the Abraham Accords were going to bury the Palestinian cause. Looks like it never got into the casket:

Some of the protesters climbed atop a monument honoring US soldiers in the Spanish-American War. The plaque reads: “To those who volunteered and extended the hand of liberty to alien peoples.” God help any extraterrestrials who come anywhere near the US.

The thoroughly Zionized Los Angeles Times will probably say about 500 people attended this protest but it looked like many thousands. I was in the middle of this march down Wilshire Boulevard.

Never get discouraged about Palestine. Israel is a land and water-stealing, deeply racist colonial-settler state which despicably uses the Nazi Holocaust to silence people about Israel’s own genocide against Palestinians. They became the monsters that their holocaust museums warn us about. Such states don’t, in fact, have the right to exist — they have the right to stop committing the crimes they’re committing or be overthrown and replaced. Muslims and Christians are now a majority.

From the river to the sea… Palestine will be free!

• Text and photos by Randy Shields