Without Coins

I don’t want to see them again
Again on roads to beg for food
Food they want for survival
Survival is not possible without coins
Coins they gather day by day
Day passes by wandering door to door
Door is a symbol of poverty
Poverty forces them to roam free
Free their soul by extending hands
Hands that reach to their hearts

Syed Aamir Sharief Qadri is from the Indian state of J&K (now UT). He has completed post-graduation in History from the University of Kashmir and obtained an M.Phil. at Punjabi University Patiala. Currently, he works as a freelance writer for different newspapers as a guest writer. He also writes poems in English and in Urdu. His poetry has been published in many national and international publications including Piker Press (USA), South Broadway Press (USA) and others and is co-author of several anthologies. Aamir is also a blogger and owns his website. Read other articles by Aamir.