No Calm

before the storm
and your knee
was a gun shot

No calm before your gun
shot rang
empty mothers
hearts bleeding
city streets

No calm before bleeding city
streets blazed
and looted, enflamed
by Trumped escalations
of 60’s shootings

No calm before 60’s
shootings filmed
in 2020 and blue
charges come late
or never

No calm before late
or never-armed
while white-
armed protesters lauded

No calm before protesters
lauded for civil rights
and a shackled man’s
neck bears the weight
of a nation

No calm before a nation
rises against
its own

No calm before cuffed
windpipes unlock
and chained words
finally heard

No calm before finally
heard injustice
laid bare
on camera

No calm before on-camera
a stolen son’s

for 20 dollars

No calm

Kathleen Klassen is an emerging writer who discovered poetry as a source of healing after injury. She has been published on, Anti-Heroin Chic,, with In/Words Magazine and Press and looks forward to upcoming publications with Alternative Field and ottawater. Read other articles by Kathleen.