Must We?

A parched land can only hope
To assemble the clouds, gnaw, grow, thunder and pour
Drowning the cracks utterly-
Must it wait
To let the eagles raze the hill,
Eyes pierce the emanating light
Through the windows with broken panes,
Wings engulf all, spread and stained,
Must we wait
Until one of us die-
Must we wait
For minds to change, lives sacrificed,
Must We?
Wait to stay safe, not tomorrow but today-
Must we wait for the smog to lift,
Sky to bleed and the earth to split,
To let our shadows pass ahead,
Our words fail our speech,
Must we wait for the hate
To take control
Of the world that has belonged to us

An engineer and management consultant by profession, writing is what Abha enjoys most and she hopes to write more socially relevant poetry. Her poems have appeared in Muddy River Poetry Review, Spillwords, Sparks of Calliope, Verse Virtual, Dissident Voice and elsewhere. Abha currently lives in the city of Bengaluru. Read other articles by Abha.