Taking Part in Class Struggle

Posh lifestyles, a kind of license.
What some of these iconic people decided to open up about.
Crisis and opportunity
grinding us all up into dividends,
the jaunty piano angular yet free.
There’s so much to say, so much to know—
we should’ve been prepared.
Those with power used that power.
ITDMs think the Fourth Industrial
Revolution will have a significant impact…
By this time 2064 the Amazon rainforest will be dry.
Debunking the self-made fairy tale
(Perseid meteor shower at its peak)
still only proffers a return to the old exploitive reality,
lenticular clouds, down-
ward mobility as it shapes thinking
to make acceptable
what aging provocateurs selected
in place of re-wilding projects.
Yes, they do think they run the movement but
look at what Howard Zinn said
about labor in his book, “labor won most
during its spontaneous
uprisings, before the unions were
recognized or well organized.”

Elegant or stylishly luxurious?
We let it sing to us in its ‘serious
moonlight,’ an amalgamation. Truncated,
as if nothing else mattered…Yet, if
he existed and the stories are true…if
like an iridescent Kafka,
he ascended floating
over other people’s minds—
what—Is there nothing in your head?
BTW. My post was about champagne.

David Wyman's second poetry collection, Violet Ideologies, was published in 2020 by Kelsay Books. His first book Proletariat Sunrise, also published by Kelsay Books, came out in 2017. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Dissident Voice, Blazing Stadium, BlazeVOX, Clockwise Cat, Picaroon Poetry, Down In The Dirt, The Voices Project, Squawk Back, Tuck Magazine, The Aurorean, Zombie Logic Review, S/WORD and Genre: Urban Arts among other publications. He's a fan of Noam Chomsky, jazz guitar and the visionary poetry of William Blake. Read other articles by David.