Men Named Karen (The Deplorables are Here to Stay!)

after inspirational “Ted Talk” CPAC 2021!

Liberty’s fun! and America is
officially uncancelled! (but gathered
in dark times). The Rebel Alliance
tirelessly battling masks
and (Bernie-mittens) woolly-woven
snowflakes—hard-(left) men
named Karen! french-kissing
the guy next to them!
and Bernie’s mittens…

So too, the media! Woven—
hard-left. Radicals like Vader!
dangerously (not your father—
let’s be clear) but ominously
SOCIALIST! That guy and the Emperor too
busy abolishing police and killing
“Amazing Grace,” like thigh-hormones
infecting you slowly—but murder is funny!
Also Bernie’s mittens!

Poor L.A. skater-kid, man…(God forbid)
children have fun with leftists
and their church-closings!
They want a GOP civil war
but we won’t give it to them!
Instead, we’ll FIGHT!—
(come on guys, lighten up).
Bernie’s mittens?!?

And BORGS too!!!
(Did I just mix metaphors?)
Also Pink Martians—masked!
(how much virtue can the Outer Rim really signal)?
The Democrats are from Baghdad!
(I’m pretty sure) but liberty’s fun!
So don’t waste a good crisis!

God Bless CANCUN!
AMENDEMENT #2! and other
Golden Idols—(Donald J. Trump)
ain’t going anywhere!
(Not with the calloused
steel workers anyway.) No!
Trump is here to stay!!!

Thank you very much Orlando!
I hope you liked this set!
My name is Ted Cruz—
forever and a thousand years!
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Let’s hear it for Imperial Invasions
little baby Ewoks and the Starship Enterprise!
(Can I get 5 stars?)

Kathleen Klassen is an emerging writer who discovered poetry as a source of healing after injury. She has been published on, Anti-Heroin Chic,, with In/Words Magazine and Press and looks forward to upcoming publications with Alternative Field and ottawater. Read other articles by Kathleen.