“Can We See that Part Again?”

No matter
how much you want me to
no matter
what you have missed
in your chatter about what you have

I will not turn this video back.
I will not replay
for with my luck
today I would leave
the tape as it is and run

our fragile lives
all the way to the beginning—
and my beginning,
which happened again
just this morning

already too distant not
to have entered
that vale of fears
dark matter
monotony of ungoverned abyss: 20/20 entropy.

Richard Fenton Sederstrom is the writer of six books, including Eumaeus Tends, and Selenity Book Four. His new book Sorgmantel, follows a view of Lucretius, but employs time, the predicate of physics, into a search for what can be imagined out of the possible and impossible. It can be read, perhaps, as an elegy for generations whose existence humankind is threatening, including humankind. Sederstrom was raised and lives in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona and the North Woods of Minnesota. Read other articles by Richard Fenton.