A Reporter

Reporting live from MIA News.

Be on the lookout.
Young. White. Male
is Angry.
Those mass shootings.
Tsk. Tsk.
The lone ranger attacks will get you.
Just one time.
Every time.
Over 250 other mass shootings in 2019.
Folks, we are only in the dog days of summer.

We don’t have much to go on at the moment.
An Angry. Young. White. Male
buys another assault weapon.
Custom made.
Young white cronies congratulate him as if he had a baby.
Babies are not custom made.
Cronies ask for babysitting dates.
Listeners, we don’t know if they are angry too.

MIA News knows with certainty:
The weapon comes home in
The wake of
The Dead
The Injured
The Traumatized
in El Paso, Dayton, and across this mighty nation.
Exercise extreme caution.

Kathy Ellis works as an intercultural communication trainer and provides English as a second language classes in the global workplace. She always felt writing was missing from her life so she picked up the poetry pen five years ago, self-published her first book of poems in 2017 and is presently working on book two. She wishes for any physical wall between countries to disappear, for the world to have more empathy for refugees, and to be more welcoming to our hard-working immigrants. She runs an international bed and breakfast and houses two multilingual cats. Read other articles by Kathy.