To Belong

A sudden rain
Spatters the top, residue in courtyard,
Intensifying as I close my eyes,
Retreating into the dark,
Dying too sometimes-
Fires on the Greek Island move thousands,
“This was my home” say the migrants,
In cemetery, the children shall sleep,
In no particular order
The news reads-
“May be,
There is a white pillow inside the blue”,
My granddaughter had said
The day before,
She will grow up too-
In silence I put
Back into the rusted box,
Letters and diaries scattered by now,
As to our new home
We must leave-
Inclined to abandon my faith,
I still do understand
What it means to, ‘Belong to’.

An engineer and management consultant by profession, writing is what Abha enjoys most and she hopes to write more socially relevant poetry. Her poems have appeared in Muddy River Poetry Review, Spillwords, Sparks of Calliope, Verse Virtual, Dissident Voice and elsewhere. Abha currently lives in the city of Bengaluru. Read other articles by Abha.