The Lyre in Congress

There is a new Greene Deal in Congress:
Her vitriolic song of measured strife
Slashes the Constitution with a knife.
With twittered pawns moving across a chess
Board, crowned by voters, she attacks the press.
The new Jim Crow has found a House wife
To cook, season, and boil rage. Fables rife
With treason trump the truth. This sorceress
Schemes with accusations for a deep state,
Buried in the mind of people who fear
The climate change in a battered nation
That divides into precincts of raw hate,
Nourished by words that violate the ear
With sounds and shrieks that undermine creation.

Kemmer Anderson taught English for 40 years at McCallie School in Chattanooga, Tennessee where he was faculty advisor to the Amnesty International Chapter. Read other articles by Kemmer.