The Exhumation

We gather around the burial sites
of heres and theres and wheres

of truth, compassion, and cooperation
among factions of neighbors and nations

We gather awaiting the resurrection
of what we feared was forever dead

the better selves, the braver selves
the native and the seeking selves

We gather as the dirt is removed
the nation’s body cleaned

of insult, hatred, suspiciousness
of division and mockery

We gather together, repentant
having seen the shadows of who we are

into the light of hope again
skies filled with new lit stars

I hold his dream still ringing true
on this inauguration eve

that today our nation is exalted
where all can live freely and breathe.

deb y felio is a witness poet exploring and writing on the mundane, the miraculous and the under-represented sides of historic and current issues. deb lives and writes in the hills of Boulder, Colorado. She can be reached at: <a href=""></a>. Read other articles by deb y.