I am the Earth

I am the earth,
I support your fertile fields.

I am the earth,
I offer you places of protection.

I am the earth,
I caress you when your end arrives.

I am the earth,
I have witnessed storms and floods.

I am silent while I witness destruction,
but my tears are shed over what has been lost.

Now, I am rapidly being depleted
as greed decimates what I have left to offer.

I am the earth,
and I am struggling to stay alive.

Your trash fills my crevasses,
your poisons fill my streams.

I am earth
and we have long traveled together,

but now, the voyage is reaching its end.

John Collins, a retired pharmacist and teacher, has been a long time writer and after 40 years is attempting to compile his writings into a volume for print. He has appeared in Dissident Voice and the Pagolin Review. His topics are frequently about the horrors of conflict, but also about the duality of the encounters in life. Read other articles by John.