A Watercolour, Tearing Frantically, Through An Oil Painting

The Rain is pelting down mercilessly
as she paddles her little Boat,
against the Sea current, foolishly
… eagerly and desperately
chasing retreating ‘Lost Chances’.
The Lightning, momentarily augments
a Lighthouse visually beckoning her
back to the safety of the distant Cove.
But, her face is a fierce mixture
of frowning and the word ‘NUH!’
“If only… if I could just… once more”
she pleads in a semi-shark-snarl
before screaming the ‘C’ word
up at the mocking Half Moon
who, momentarily, popped-out
through a gap in the Storm Clouds.
And, that’s where we all leave her…
keeping a Watercolour wet
… which should already be dried,
framed, and wall mounted in Memory.

Paul Tristram is a widely published Welsh writer who deals in the Lowlife, Outsider, and Outlaw genres.  He wrote his first poem as a teenager following his release from the (Infamous) Borstal ‘HMP Portland’, and he has been creating Literary Terrorism ever since. Read other articles by Paul, or visit Paul's website.