The Great Sacred Cow Genocide or How a Commie Became an Anarchist Overnight

Human society is built on an onion of lies, with the vast majority of beings living on the outermost layer.  Peering beneath the layer which most call reality exposes a vastly different picture, and peeling that layer back is likely to bring the tears of confusion that you might expect to be generated by a giant deceitful onion.  The safe route is to forget anything you may have noticed underneath that frail skin, and resume your place among your peers.  Unless, of course, you’d prefer to live the rest of your life nearly alone, on the fringe, a known crazed conspiracy theorist.

If you peel that onion far enough, you might decide that in the dystopian world of Covid-1984, the life of an outcast is far preferable to the slavery of a population control grid, 24/7 biometric monitoring, forced virus testing and isolation camps, fascism at its finest, the theft of your children, the end of cash, transhumanism, sterilization, and the end of mankind as we know it delivered via the poisons known as vaccines.  And all based on a scam that’s verifiably been in the planning for at least decades.  Did I mention that the Covid-1984 Pandemic is a U.S. Military Exercise?  Ask Secretary of State Pompeo.  Wait, he told us already.  Has anybody hiding under those masks ever heard of hybrid warfare?  The official information bombs are falling and they won’t likely blow off your heads, because they’re only aiming for your minds.

Onion peeling has been a lifelong hobby of mine, ever since Christmas of 1953 when I found out that my parents were liars.  Herman Peterson, who owned the town men’s clothing store, was Santa Claus, but they denied it.  Any astute 5 year-old should have recognized that.  What a crappy fake beard!  Thereafter the sacred cows began dying in herds, and bovine bellowing echoed throughout the land.  Onions and cows may be a mixed metaphor, but then rules suck.

By January of 2020, I truly believed that I’d dug into that onion so far that I could smell the evil, rotten presence at its core.  That unspeakably hideous core was capitalism.  The very system which had been responsible for most of history’s wars, slavery, famine, poverty, crime, and all things vile and toxic. Capitalism had subverted every conceivable aspect of our existence.  Education had become a sad, sadistic joke, modern medicine routinely wrecked health, mass media murdered truth, war was peace, death was life, and hate was love.  Here in the U.S.A. there was a presidential election on the horizon, but it meant little to me since the two headed dragon would certainly win in the end.  Big Red or Old Blue?  Two horses from the same stable in a two horse race.  An event as insignificant as my ever-wild nose hairs.  1972 ended nearly all illusions of American election legitimacy, although in honesty I was momentarily fooled by that great psychopathic political actor named Obama.

A few years ago I penned a piece called “The Red Menace in the Mirror” for Dissident Voice.  A fairly prominent Marxist online publication took notice, eagerly reprinted it, welcomed me into its fold, and I immediately became something that had a really nice ring to it:  “Senior Contributing Editor”.  My imaginary communist world was full of sunshine, flowers, butterflies, and singing birds, happy children playing, nobody hungry, no more huddled masses begging for handouts at street corners and living under bridges.  A joyous place where everybody danced or nobody danced, and I happily wrote about those glories.  Che, Fidel, Mao, and Frida were my cadres.  Then I saw that documentary on China’s Social Credit System.  It was something unfamiliar to me, and it came on line in coordination with highly toxic 5G radio frequencies and the fake pandemic, and it became apparent that the onion had more putrid layers.  My once beloved China had become my worst dystopian nightmare incarnate, and after a short battle with cognitive dissonance, the onion peeling and sacred cow slaughter began anew.

Synchronicity took over then, and this was in early March, 2020.  Every piece of evidence falling randomly into my lap pointed to the indisputable fact that the Covid-1984 Pandemic is the biggest fraud pulled off against the American people since 9-11, Oklahoma City, Fauci’s fake HIV/AIDS Pandemic, and the Kennedy assassinations all combined.  Summer arrived and Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum publicly and proudly unleashed its plans to remake the U.S.A. and the entire world into a carbon copy of The China Model.  The Gates/Fauci/WHO/UN aspect of the deceit, and the blatant plans for the enslavement of mankind by maniacal criminals with names like Schwab and Prince Chuck of the UK are more than enough to convince me that The Fourth Industrial Revolution and The Great Reset are to be resisted with every ounce of resolve and courage which can be mustered by any human who understands and values the concept of FREEDOM.  Rule of thumb:  Distrust any system  being ushered in by way of GENOCIDE.  It isn’t likely to end well.

This was the onion layer that hurt the most:  The differences between the paradigms of Communism and Capitalism mean nothing.  No matter whether state or industry is in control of society, those who assume their superiority and buy the power to maintain it are in charge and always have been.  Our overlords are in their control tower behind the eye of the pyramid, and we common folks are doomed to peacefully acquiesce to fascism and our own slavery unless there’s a mass awakening and resistance.  And soon.  Fascism being herein defined as the merger of private industry and the state…and it matters not who’s the bride and who’s the groom.  In short, all roads lead to Rome.  The will of the common folks be damned.  In this final episode:  The long awaited and overdue fall of the great American Empire.  Welcome to Global Rome, global citizens.  Let the 5G holographic games commence.  Hail Klaus.  Or is it heil?  Hell is more accurate.  Accept the New Normal, and humans are history within two generations.  Or less.  Or disobey and prepare for a rough but righteous road ahead.

The United States of America as we knew it no longer exists.  Those of us claiming citizenship have a few choices.  We can accept the World Economic Forum’s ongoing plans to destroy the very fabric of our society in order to “build back better”…and better means with a much smaller population.  Did I just hear Klaus Schwab saying “Ve have our vays.”?  The vay it appears now, the magic Covid vaccines will be instrumental in the planned mass culling of the herd.  So if you decide to roll up your sleeve for the jab, don’t say you weren’t warned.  A second option is to run like hell…but don’t go north.  Prince Chuck of the UK has really turned up the heat on the siege of the colonies of the Monarchy.  It appears that the Covid-1984 agenda has been at its fascistic nastiest in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and across the pond.  Complete Hell hasn’t yet broken loose in Mexico.  Emphasis on yet.  Hmmm…think I’ll choose door number three…

Resistance.  Disobedience.  Defiance of authority.  The power of NO!   The World Economic Forum is home to the foulest bunch of genocidal sub-humans who ever lived, and if they’re not the evil, rotten presence at the core of the onion, they’re damn close.  Buy what they’re selling and pay with your soul.  I choose to live on my feet…unmasked, socially active, resisting lockdowns, and searching for ways to destroy New Normal, and replace it not with old normal, rather with a Better Normal.  For now, there’s nowhere to turn.  Our own government has declared war on us…”a live exercise” as Pompeo told us back in March.  I give nobody the authorization to govern me in any way.  I am a sovereign individual, and recognize no authority.  If this be war, so be it.

But James Corbett  can say this much better than I…

What NO ONE is Saying About The Lockdowns (

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